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Monday, September 18, 2006


So the first thing I'd like to do is give everyone a brief description of who I am and what this blog will cover. So first things first, my name is Bruce and I moved to Costa Rica nearly a month ago with my girlfriend, Lisa, with hopes to find work as English teachers. Aside from teaching, we are hoping to travel as much as possible through this amazing country - see volcanoes, hike rainforest, tan and surf on the beaches, etc etc. But all the while, I wanted to share that experience with you, the reader; so, I'll be discussing not only Lisa and my experiences in and around Costa Rica, but also what it is like to live and teach here. So as i said, we've been here nearly a month and we're currently living in a nice condominium in San Francisco de Heredia - which is a suburb of San Jose. It is both our understanding and experience that a large majority of jobs available to Americans (or any foreigners for that matter) are to be found in the central valley of Costa Rica in and around the capital, San Jose. In the time that we've been here, we have found jobs that occupy some of our time and we are hoping to eventually be working a full schedule before too long (need to pay the bills). Currently both Lisa and I are working at and with the Pura Vida Language Institute in San Joaquin de Flores (which is just down the street from the city of Heredia and where we live). I personally recommend checking out their webpage and considering them you if have any interest in learning Spanish and traveling in Costa Rica. They offer great immersion programs with travel and homestays, and all of that. Anyway, that's my introduction, and I hope that you will continue to frequent the blog as I hope to update it a few times a week. Perhaps it will get you interested in this magnificent country, and maybe it can give you some ideas for a future vacation, or as it is for me and Lisa, a longer chapter in your life. Pura Vida! In the image above, you see Lisa and me in front of Arenal Volcano, which is in the north western part of the country.